Sir Lancelot

A docile prince with dreamy eyes

Breed: Aussie Shepherd

Approx. Age: 8+ years

Date of Rescue: 4/2012

Favorite Things: All things edible, long walks and even longer petting sessions, and collecting burrs in his furs. 

Why We Love Him: Although he is a bit shy and submissive by nature, Lance has overcome his fear of the camera, meeting new people and abandonment.

He quickly rediscovered the joy of play and petting sessions and loves to go on adventures with his doggy friends.

Unable to Rehome: Due to injuries sustained while living on the streets of KCK which cause him to randomly spot bleed.

Lance still has some anxiety of being confined and storms. All of his bottom teeth were broken off earlier in his life. Most likely during a severe panic attack while confined.

If you would like to sponsor Lance

to help provide for his continued care, please click the link below.

1832 Chelsea Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

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