Energetic ball of love that will melt your heart

Breed: Amstaff/Shar Pei Mix

Approx. Age: 6+ years

Date of Rescue: 12/2015

Her Story: Prissy came to KC from death row in a TX shelter. She had been used as a breeding dog and we can only imagine what she went through before reaching the safety of our home. Please note the horrid scar on her back.

Due to her dog aggression, I was asked (by the rescue that pulled her) to have my veterinarian put her down 3 months after she arrived. At that point, it became my responsibility to keep her safe. With help from other like-minded animal advocates, we have kept Prissy safe and loved. 

Challenges: Prissy has numerous challenges to being placed in an adoptive home due to her animal reactivity and aggression but she will remain in the safety of the Woof Pack until her perfect match is found and can be responsibly placed in an appropriate home.

Her Ideal Family: No other pets, older kids ok and does not need to be kenneled, but she can be kept in a smaller room if necessary. 

Favorite Things: All things food (except olives), zooming around the house and walks in the woods, hunting for field mice, stuffed animals and meeting new people. She is high energy, full of love and kisses and is a wonderful snuggler (if you avoid her head-butting).

If you would like to sponsor Prissy to help provide for her continued care, please click the link below:

1832 Chelsea Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

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