Breed: Shepherd Mix

Approx. Age: 15+ years

Date of Rescue: 01/2015 to 3/2018

Favorite Things: Anything but vegetables, leisurely walks, long naps, belly rubs, squeaky toys and meeting new people.

Her Story: Nana first came to me as a temporary boarder from a cat rescue friend who had saved her from a life on a chain in a junk yard. Nana's fur was thick with engine oil and dirt and she had a broken toe which needed immediate medical attention.

I later agreed to keep Nana as a forever dog, since her declining eyesight and hearing tend to make her snappy. In addition, she has a lot of  pain and weakness in her hips due to years of inactivity and neglect while chained. 

To this day, I provide for Nana's daily care and affection while Another Chance Cat Rescue and I share in providing her meds for pain management. 


Lovable, adorable grump

Nana has passed away but we intend to create a special space for seniors in her memory. If you would like to help fund a senior space for nana (and papa) dogs, please click the link below.

1832 Chelsea Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

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