Her soft ears and gentle hugs will charm the treats out of you

Breed: Black/Tan Coonhound

Approx. Age: 6+ years

Date of Rescue: 2012

Favorite Things: Tracking down food, stealing food off the counter (butter is a fave), chasing squirrels, long walks and running free, being held, big hugs and making new friends

Her Story: My heart went out to this gorgeous girl as soon as I heard about her extraordinary ordeal and her amazing will to live. I knew we had to be her heros so I made room in my home and my heart to provide this deserving girl a safe home.

What we thought would be a short-term foster stay, has become much longer.  When we were unable to find a forever home that was willing to take in this special needs pup, I agreed to provide her sanctuary for as long as Desi needed it.

Unable to Rehome: Due to her traumatic brain injury, Desi needs several days to adjust to new dogs and changes to her environment. She will always need redirection and patience to help her during times of transition. 

Although she lost an eye and has mild brain damage due to the abuse she suffered. Her spirit is transcendent. 

Why We Love Her: Desi is an extremely resilient, loving, happy girl.

If you would like to sponsor Desi

to help provide for her continued care, click the link below.

1832 Chelsea Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

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