Found his dream home and best friend, Andy, with the help of The Rescue Project

Besides being a handsome heart-throb, this guy was a pleaser, a leaner, a great kisser and a toy annihilator.

He dreamed of having a boy of his very own some day. DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

His Story: Angus was dumped in the Swope Park area in the Spring of 2015. Luckily for him, I was caring for a litter of pups who had been left to fend for themselves in this same area.

He was scared but brave enough to seek me out when he heard me calling to the pups. Due to his proximity to a busy, winding road I was not comfortable with leaving him, so my girl, Luna, helped convince him it was safe to hitch a ride with us. He was thin, dehydrated and had a bite wound on his right leg.

Being nearly 2 years-old and unaltered meant house training was a big challenge as was finding the right adoptive family. Angus was stunning, affectionate, intelligent and a people-pleaser, but he had the deck stacked against him due to BSLegislation and a tendency to vocalize when nervous which was often mistaken for aggression.


As with any dog I make a commitment to in my home, Angus lived with me and the pack for 2 long years, until we were able to find his forever family.

Once Angus found his adoptive family, a significant amount of time was spent with Andy and the rest of the adoptive family and their other dogs to ensure that Angus would be successful in his new home and so the family was confident in being able to handle any challenges Angus might face.

1832 Chelsea Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

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